Who is E.J.

EJ invites you to join him and his friends as they have fun and learn some important things along the way.   EJ is just like a lot of children. He’d rather play video games, go skateboarding, or hang out with his friends than do his homework or chores.   In this first book of a coming series, EJ learns his first life-lesson,

Tempest Fugit

Time Flies! 


EJ looked stunned. He had put off completing his project and had forgotten that he still had the presentation to do, and it was due tomorrow!

“Tempest Fugit! This familiar Latin phrase (tempus fugit) helps EJ learn a valuable lesson. With the direct translation being strong wind flies, tempest fugit is a play on words to show the impulsiveness of children. In this story, EJ learns to behave less like the winds, blown from one thing to another, allowing time to get away from him, and more like a responsible person who puts first things first.”

EJ always feels that he will have time to get things done…later. Even after missing the bus, forgetting to do chores, and letting down his best friend, Juan, EJ does not learn this lesson. Finally, after feeling that he let down his mother, EJ learns that time does indeed fly and it is better to have a plan and complete tasks as they come along, than to wait until the last minute to get things done.

Meet the Gang

EJ has a group of friends who have been together for many years. There’s Juan, EJ’s very best friend, whom he’s known since kindergarten. There’s Chang, who EJ loves playing Anime cards with on the weekends.Janet is like his sister; they met in first grade and quickly became friends. EJ likes to learn new tricks on the skateboard from Janet. Their mothers are good friends as well. A few years ago, Imani moved to the neighborhood. Her family is from Jamaica. She soon became part of the close knit friends. You can oftentimes find Janet and Imani riding their bikes in the cul-de-sac by EJ’s house. 

What this teaches you..

This series presents important habits that everyone should develop as witnessed through the adventures of EJ. Read along with your child to discuss the benefits of such things as putting first things first, and being responsible, because time flies and you don’t want to miss your deadline. Each book in this coming series, will focus on a Latin phrase that focuses on character traits we all strive to achieve in life. This series presents important habits that everyone should develop as witnessed through the adventures of EJ.

About Dr. Avril Bingue, Ph.D., Ed.S.

Author & Educator

My Story

I have been a teacher for over 20 years, having taught students from elementary to the university level.  Students at all levels, always seem to struggle with the concept of first-things-first because it is very true that tempest fugit – time flies! I wrote this book for elementary-aged students to help teach them this valuable lesson at a young age so that they may realize early on that time flies and the importance of not procrastinating.

I grew up hearing Latin phrases as part of the normal vernacular.  Several phrases provide messages and lessons for children.  I decided to make this book about tempest fugit because it seems to be a lesson children have difficulty learning sometimes.  As adults, we know all too well how time flies.  Hopefully, this story will help to imprint this understanding on young people who read it.



This is a must read for all children. Dr. Bingue has created a story that helps children learn some life lessons. I know when I shared it with my niece and nephew, they both laughed because they saw themselves in EJ. This is a book they enjoy reading over and over!

-Michael Moreno

This story is so true, I can relate to it with my own kids, because just like EJ, they always procrastinate and put off doing their homework or chores until the very last minute. Then they go scrambling , trying to get it done on time.  Great book!                                                               –Irene Gomez

Tempest Fugit! Such a clever way to weave in the ancient language of Latin and apply it to our modern lies. It is a must read for every child. As you go on a valuable life journey with EJ, the main character, you see how he is learning to manage time wisely, with help from his supportive friends along the way.Read it with your child; it’s a reminder we all can use!

-Dr. E. House

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